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About Us

Established in 2006, Nanjing Helm Sci-tech Co., Ltd. (Nanjing Jiucheng technology Co., Ltd) is specialized in R&D and production of pressure measuring and controlling instruments. It has introduced the internationally advanced production technology, equipment and process as well as strict product quality standards and ODM cooperation concept to China, so as to manufacture and sell JC pressure / differential pressure / liquid level sensors and transducers in mainland China.

Our products have been fallen into six categories totaling hundreds of specifications in dozens of series. Main products include: High-accuracy Pressure Sensor, General-purpose Pressure transducer, Liquid Level transducer, Anti-lightning/Anti-corrosive Liquid Level transducer, Special Pressure transducer for Air Conditioner, Refrigeration and Compressor, Special Pressure transducer for Oilfield and Mining Well, Economical Pressure Sensor and transducer, Ceramic Capacitor Pressure transducer, Vacuum Pressure transducer, Sapphire Pressure transducer, Digital Pressure transducer, Micro Differential Pressure / Air Pressure transducer, Intelligent Digital Pressure Gauge, Intelligent Digital Pressure Switch, Anti-corrosive Pressure transducer, Anti-explosive Pressure transducer, Hygienically Flat-membrane Pressure transducer, High-temperature Pressure transducer, High-frequency Pressure transducer, Micro Pressure transducer, Integrated Temperature transducer, and Capacitance Pressure transducer.

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